About Us

Our vision statement is “Bringing Family to Life.” We break this down as follows:

BRINGING means to carry, convey or take to a designated place or person (ie: Jesus). Bringing also means to give birth to (ie: bringing God given dreams into existence through prayer and encouragement from the church family).

FAMILY can mean a group of people related by blood (ie: mum, dad and children). To us family also means a group of people related by our common desire to love and serve our God, and we find this to be a true family indeed!

TO is used to indicate the destination of the subject or object of an action. That is to lead people to the place where they encounter the cross, the empty tomb, the promise of sin forgiven, the promise of reconciliation, the promise of hope, the promise of peace, the promise of freedom, the promise of purpose, the promise of heaven, all leading to Jesus. Finally this leads us to the promise of:

LIFE. Not just surviving, but life in all its fullness and abundance as children and heirs of the King of Kings!